Risk Assessment in a workplace

A risk assessment in a workplace is a sort of planning and strategy for the unseen future. It’s a must for a company that falls under hazards category to identify hazards in workplace. The process aims to think about the future by reflecting on the past. Risk assessment should involve a great degree of unpredictability and focuses and prepares on resilience. Working towards a framework that helps in taking control of situations and prepares on how to avoid mistakes.

Below are few basic steps that you can take to complete a risk assessment. But always remember the best part of risk assessment is conversation with people. Discussing with the team and focus on people and not objects.

  • Identify the hazards in a workplace
  • Decide who might be harmed and how
  • Evaluate the risks it possess and decide on precautions
  • Record your significant findings
  • Review your assessment and update if necessary

You can also have a risk assessment checklist. Checklist are great they save time and may fall under a process. But consider it as only a secondary task. Never get bound by a checklist especially in case of risk assessment. A checklist might hinder the ability to think fresh. Instead focus on activities and their byproducts. Think about the different scenario of failure and question everything. Remember future is unpredictable.

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