Health and Safety Regulations

Management Regulations:- Businesses are required to have good and working health and safety management in place. They should be competent in their workplace risk assessment and with required first aid. Proper documented information regarding health and safety at work. Proper training should be provided to required individuals. health and safety regulationsThe management should have a working cooperation between all the workplace duty holders. A regular risk assessment should be carried out by the management. This is for a typical office. A company that deals in any hazardous materials, oil rig, chemical plant, power station, laboratory etc need to do a thorough and complex risk assessment.

If you are a company with fewer than 5 employees then generally you don’t need to have a written regulation document. For a company bigger than that you should have a regulation document. This doesn’t mean that you should do a lot of regulation paperwork but instead do a risk assessment have measures to identify them and be prepared with procedures.

The below points will help to properly formulate a workplace regulation policy.

  • Conduct a risk assessment of your workplace.
  • Implement or arrange for health and safety measures as per the risk assessment document.
  • Designate a person among the staff to implement the safety measures.
  • Setup an emergency procedure.
  • Communicate to your employees about these measures and conduct training sessions.
  • Regularly review the risk assessment and the corresponding safety measures.

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