Writing construction site report

Construction site sample report

Preparing construction site report daily or weekly is a vital part of any company. As it gives a factual information on what exactly is happening at the construction site. The progress being made, the issues that are faced, the cost estimations, the timelines etc. Writing construction site report is very simple. The report format might be slightly different between organizations.

How to exactly write the report? What format to choose? What to include and what to  avoid? All this depends on the project you are involved with, the organizations policies, and what the top management expects from the reports. But there are certain things that every report is advised to include. Below we list out things that explains how to write effective reports. Include what ever you feel right and remove the ones that are not important for you.

Use of Site reports: A daily or weekly site report actually is a factual sheet of activities with all important details noted down. The documents can be put to many important uses. It gives a first hand report of the project progress. Based on these reports the management can do their planning. The information in these documents help a great deal in decision making. The documents are considered for legal use. Though they may not be written under oath but these can be used as evidence in court and are accepted unless they are proven inconsistent or inaccurate or missing some details.

Construction site sample report

Basic contents for a construction site report

Project details: Every report should contain some basic details about the project. Though the report is mainly concerned about the daily or weekly activities and progress but it should include basic project information like: Project Title, Project Start date, Estimated completion date, Project Managers name and contact details.

Report details: Information like Report or Document Name, Number, Reporting Period this may be a single date for daily reports or a range of date for weekly reports. Report author, Reviewer etc.

Site details: This section gives details about overall site information. You can include information pertaining to Safety Health Environment Quality (SHEQ) information. Report any problems related to Health and Safety at Workplace. The SHEQ audits that were done. Site security issues, any damages, neighbours related information, third party or outside consultant information, any client side issues etc. Any details that you feel that is general in nature concerning the project site should be reported in this section.

Construction activities: Report all construction related activities here. Start with any specific programme that is being carried out. The progress that is being made in this report period. Report any hurdles & difficulties that were faced and the effect of it. Also mention any time delay that may be caused or if the project is on correct timelines. Quality of work done should also be reported along with any variations or changes that have been proposed / implemented in this period. This is the place where you can include any issues and information related to labour and sub contractors. You should also mention details regarding financials related to this time frame.

One of the key parts of any construction report writing should be the be planned versus actual data. The planned completion in that week and the actual achieved. The planned labour needed and the actual used.

While writing a construction site report remember that the objective is to give the management correct status of the project and help them in future decision making.

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